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  I entered a contest to speak at the World Summit of Integrative Medicine. The speaker competition is for "Health Innovator". In 2006 I developed a Health Map, a cause-and-effect explanation of why people get sick. With the opportunities that this contest provides I realized that the time for the Health Map to get out into the world just might be right now. Please click on the image below, which will take you to the World Summit Of Integrative Medicine’s web site, where you can watch this breakthrough 4-minute video.  Please Watch, Enjoy and then Vote by "Liking."



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What are Amino Acids?
spacer Did you know that your body, minus water, is 65-70 percent amino acids? Or that 95 percent of hormones are amino acids, and 100 percent of all protein is amino acids?
And that amino acids govern and participate in every chemical reaction in the body?

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